First, Gardner I have to say what a great collection of songs you have written for this record. Your recording and producing chops are way up too! Big fat bottom end there my friend. I look forward to hearing it all put together.




Brian Malouf
Sr.VP, RCA Records



I have worked personally with Gardner on several recording projects under my label. In his capacity as producer, Gardner consistently harnesses and directs the energy of artists, allowing them to put forth their best efforts. As a songwriter, Gardner's musical talents have provided the right sound for each individual artist. Any one fortunate enough to secure the talents of Gardner Cole will only benefit from this acquisition.



Jon De Mello.
CEO, Mountain Apple Records



I would highly recommend Gardner Cole for any record. Not only does he have the ability to encourage talent, even more importantly, he can write the material in virtually any style, play most of the instruments and produce the record in a way that enhances the commerciality of the project. I have personally worked with Gardner at my label with completely disparate projects, which he was involved on all levels including, writing , playing, engineering and producing. I would have to say that there are very few people that combine and display his enormous talent in the music business.




Mitchell Markus
President, Triloka Records



"After I met Gardner Cole, the prospect of seeing what Gardner would do with my songs thrilled me such that this gave me the final assurance that the new songs had found home. What Gardner did to these was and is astonishing, after getting to know Gardner whilst in Phoenix, it was clear that he was a Pop svengali, yet with a sense of originality, and no corporate Pop machine type artist. The recording sessions were finished very quickly and certainly without months of agonizing in the studio. What you're hearing is Gardner Cole's experience in superb recording techniques of the acoustic elements, as much as his ability to glean some stunningly appropriate yet not over obtrusive performance from the musicians."




Peter Murphy
Interviewed by Yannick Blay
(on working with Gardner on the "Unshattered" CD)

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