"First, Gardner I have to say what a great collection of songs you have written for this record. Your recording and producing chops are way up too! Big fat bottom end there my friend. I look forward to hearing it all put together."
Brian Malouf Sr. VP RCA Records


Gardner Cole was born with music in his blood. His Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather were all Irish musicians, his maternal Grandfather was a Spanish Gypsy drummer, and his Mother is a Poet/Artist. Gardner started playing the drums at age 3, piano at 5, guitar at 8 and bass guitar at 9. By age 14, he was a member of 3 different bands playing 3 different styles of music on 3 different instruments. At age 16 he’d saved up enough money from performing to purchase an 8 track recording studio and began to write and produce songs for himself and other local artists.

Growing up in the musically fertile Motown area had a profound effect on his songwriting and production skills, instilling a strong melodic and rhythmic sensibility.


Gardner has been working professionally in the music industry solely since the age of 17. He’s performed with various bands, including as drummer with the hit English group ABC and as keyboardist with the hit Norwegian group A-HA! Hundreds of his songs have been recorded worldwide on Grammy and AMA award winning and Grammy and AMA nominated albums totaling over 100 million (including 27 Billboard charting records).

As a Producer he’s recorded over 350 songs (including 11 Billboard charting singles) for major labels such as Universal, Hollywood, Sony, CBS, A&M, MCA, Chrysalis, Virgin, Interscope, Dreamworks, Capitol, E.M.I., Warner Brothers, Polygram and Motown. Gardner has been signed to Warner-Chappell Music since 1984 as a Writer/Publisher, and was a Recording Artist at Warner Brothers Records where he self-produced two solo albums. Gardner Cole was also the number 2 songwriter in 1988 according to Billboard magazine with 6 Billboard charting singles.


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