MUSIc Song Title Artist Album
"Open Your Heart" #1 GLEE The Power Of Madonna
  "Open Your Heart" Madonna True Blue
  "Open Your Heart" KLARK KENT TruLY Blue
  "Open Your Heart" Madhouse Absolutely Mad
  "Open Your Heart" Madonna Ciao Italia: Live In Italy
  "Open Your Heart" Madonna Dance into the Beat: Madonna Collection
  "Open Your Heart" Madonna Exposed
  "Open Your Heart" Madonna Immaculate Collection
  "Open Your Heart" Various Artists Klone Ikon 5
  "Open Your Heart" Madonna La Isla Bonita, Super Mix
  "Open Your Heart" Madonna Let's Hear It for the 80's
Vol. 2
  "Open Your Heart" Madonna Royal Box
  "Open Your Heart" Ofra Haza Virgin Voices /
A Tribute To Ma donna - Vol. 2
  "Open Your Heart" (Die Krupps Remix)" Various Artists Gothic Vampires From Hell
& Covered In Goth
  "open your heart" oakland gospel choir praise
  "Everything" Jody Watley super hits live
  "Everything" #3 Jody Watley Larger Than Life
  "Everything" #3 Jody Watley 20th Century Masters
The Millenium
  "Everything" Faye Wong Double Best: 1989-1997
  "Everything" #3 Various Artists Girl Power of the 90's Vol.1
  "Everything" #3 Various Artists Glory of Love: 80's Sweet & Soulful Love
  "Everything" #3 Jody Watley Greatest Hits
  "Everything" #3 Various Artists Love: No Strings Attached
  "Everything" #3 Various Artists Quit Storms: 80's Jams, Vol.1
  "Everything" #3 Various Artists Slow Jams, Vol.1 & Vol.2
  "Everything" #3 Various Artists Thinking About You
  "Most Of All" #11 Jody Watley Jody Watley
  "Most Of All" #11 Jody Watley Top Of The Pops
  "Most Of All" #11 Jody Watley Greatest Hits
  "Most Of All" #11 Jody Watley You Wanna Dance With Me
  "Most Of All" #11 Jody Watley 20th Century Masters
The Millenium
  "Best Of Me" Jody Watley Intimacy
  "Give Me All Your Lovin'" 3T Brotherhood
  "Gotta Be You" remix top 40 UK 3T Brotherhood
  "Galileo" Amy Grant In Motion Remixes
  "Galileo" Amy Grant Heart in Motion
  "galileo" Amy Grant pop collection
  "say once more" Amy Grant SONGWRITER COLLECTION
  "Say Once More" Amy Grant Lead Me On
  "Say Once More" Amy Grant Mosaic ( book and CD)
  "Way To Your Heart" Al Jarreau Hearts Horizon
  "Break Through" Tina Turner Days of Thunder
  "Life Affair" Tiffany New Inside
  "Never Run My Motor Down" Tiffany New Inside
  "Somethin' bout My Baby" 5 Star Greatest Hits
  "Tear It Up" #62 Michael Mcdonald Take It To Heart
  "Love Life" El Debarge Gemini
  "Don't Give In" Howard Hewitt Howard Hewitt
  "Let's Get Deeper" Howard Hewitt Howard Hewitt
  "I Know You'll Be Comin' Back" Howard Hewitt Howard Hewitt
  "You're My Life" Bros Changing Faces
  "Somethin' 4 Your Head" Tom Jones The Lead & How To Swing
  "Somethin' 4 Your Head" Tom Jones The Definitive Tom Jones
1964-2002 [Box Set]
  "Gravity" #42 Brenda Russell Get Here
  "Romantic Voyage" Vanity Skin On Skin
  "Who's Your Man?" Tito Jackson Burn Hollywood Burn
  "Livin' The Good Life" Sister Sledge Coming To America
  "You" Ruff Endz Someone To Love You
  "You" Ruff Endz Greatest Hits
  "Took It All For Granted" Teddy Pendergrass Back Again
  "We Live In The Jungle" Rockwell The Last Dragon
  "Heaven" Syreeta Wright Syreeta Wright
  "First and Last Love" Syreeta Wright Syreeta Wright
  "Celebrate The Love" Chaka Khan Chaka Khan
  "Saved By Love" Gloria Loring Full Moon/No Hesitation
  "I Shy Away" #86 Vonda Shepard Vonda Shepard
  "I've Been Here Before Vonda Shepard Vesper Alley
  "Through It All" Bill Champlin Through It All
  "I'm Too Scared" #8 U.K. Stephen Dante Find Out
  "Imagination" Stephen Dante Find Out
  "Love To The Limit" Stephen Dante Find Out
  "It Makes You Feel Good" Stephen Dante Find Out
  "Ready To Love" Stephen Dante Find Out
  "Love Foundation" St. Paul Blue Cadillac
  "Get Up Get Down" St. Paul Blue Cadillac
  "Shake It All Around" St. Paul Blue Cadillac
  "You Don't Know" #81" Elisa Fiorillo Elisa Fiorillo
  "How Can I Forget" #60" Elisa Fiorillo Elisa Fiorillo
  "Headed For A Heartache" Elisa Fiorillo Elisa Fiorillo
  "Wonders Of You" Nick Kamen Us
  "Without Your Love" Nick Kamen Us
  "This Is Really Love" Nick Kamen Us
  "Another Lover" #13" Giant Steps Book Of Pride
  "Another Lover" #13" Giant Steps Lover Boy Soundtrack
  "I'm Into You" Giant Steps Book Of Pride
  "Same Planet" Giant Steps Book Of Pride
  "Dance Away" Giant Steps Book Of Pride
  "Dream Wonderful" Giant Steps Book Of Pride
  "Strange But True" #21" Times Two X2
  "Fur" Jane Weidlin Fur
  "Inside A Dream" #57" Jane Weidlin Fur
  "Fur" & "Inside A Dream" #57" Jane Weidlin The Very Best of
Jane Weidlin
  "Fur" Jane Weidlin Rhino PETA Compilation
  "Inside A Dream" Jane Weidlin The Very Best of James Weidlin
  "Calling All Girls" Julie Brown Trapped In a White Girl
  "Inside Every Girl" Julie Brown Trapped In a White Girl
  "Boys 'R A Drug" Julie Brown Trapped In a White Girl
  "Shut Up & Kiss Me" Julie Brown Trapped In a White Girl
  "Something For Your Heart" Tom Jones The Definitive Tom Jones
  "It's Love This Time" Nile Rogers Out Loud
  "Seduction" E.G. Daly Summer School SOUNDTRACK
  "Love Doesn't Matter" Rodney S. Night & The City SOUNDTRACK
  "Never Gonna Stop" Green Eyes Night & The City SOUNDTRACK
  "I Wanna Be The One" Ripley Fairchild Night & The City SOUNDTRACK
  "Coulda Shoulda Woulda" The Party The Party
  "Got 2 Have U" Jermaine Stewart Jermaine
  "Easy Rider" #7 Japan Akina Nakamori Crossing Palms
  "I Get A Kick" # 1 lp Asia Kristy Chan Kristy Chan
  "Playboy" # 26 Japan Tamia Akado Tamia
  "Most of All" Byron Lee Plays Dynamite Ska
  "Say It" K. I. T. K. Kids In The Kitchen
  "Tear It Up" Miguel Tomas Miguel Tomas
  "Motown Song" Rod Stewart remix Downtown Train
  "Meditation # 4" Ram Dass Meditations on the Gita
  "Before You" Donna Delory Debut LP
  "Om Mani" Various Artists Trance Planet
  "The Longing" Various Artists Trance Planet Vol. 5
  "The Longing" Various Artists Palm World Voices: Vedic Path [CD & DVD]
  "Raghuvar Tumko" Planet Yoga Rhythm Of The Earth
  "Omen of Fortune" Various Artists Elevation
  "Omen of Fortune" Various Artists Planet Chant
  "7 songs " Emer Kenny Fades Into Day
  "Entire CD" Robbie Nevil Soul Classics
  "Entire CD" Peter Murphy Unshattered
  "Twist Your Fate" Peter Murphy Catacombs Soundtrack
  "Entire CD" Music From God Days Of Majesty
  "Entire CD" Mosaico Amor
  "Entire CD" Tony C. TC 2000
  "Entire CD" Priscilla Basque Island Of Love
  "Entire CD" M Path Meeting Rivers
  "Entire CD" M Path Wanderer
  "Entire CD" M Path Yoga Journal Presents
  "Jai Ambe" M Path Journey To The East
  "Jai Ambe" M Path Journey Of The Mystic
  "Entire CD" W.O.M.B. Warriors Of Make Believe
  "Harlots Memoirs" BlessedBeThyName Phallus In Viscera
  "Entire CD" Ensenuendo Vol. 1
  "Entire CD" The Booty Boys Grand Theft Booty
  "Entire CD" Sheetal Love of Ages
  "Entire CD" Celeste Goddess Tribute
  "Entire CD" Breanna Lynn Siren
  "Entire CD" Saith Step Outside
  "Entire CD" Francesca Kray And There Was No Way Out
  "It’s All Good" Arnold McCuller Soon As I Get Paid
  "Bad Girl" Miss Krystle Bad Girl
  "Kiss Me Boy" Miss Krystle Kiss Me Boy
  "Kill This Beat" Jane Joyce Kill This Beat
  "Entire CD" Miki Wave System
  "Wall Of Fear" #21 Gardner Cole It's Your Life
  "Whatever It Takes" #63 Gardner Cole It's Your Life
  "Love Is Blind" Gardner Cole It's Your Life
  "The Second We Met" Gardner Cole It's Your Life
  "Love Is The Key" Gardner Cole It's Your Life
  "Loopy" Gardner Cole It's Your Life
  "The Place I'm From" SGardner Cole It's Your Life
  "My Spirit's Broke" Diana Washington Valdez It's Your Life
  "It's Your Life" Gardner Cole It's Your Life
  "Best Of Me" Gardner Cole It's Your Life
  "When I'm With You" Gardner Cole It's Your Life
  "Cutting Thru The Jive" Gardner Cole It's Your Life
  "Live It Up" #91 Gardner Cole Triangles
  "Tell Me" Gardner Cole Triangles
  "I'm In Love Again" Gardner Cole Triangles
  "Triangles" Gardner Cole Triangles
  "In A Big Way" Gardner Cole Triangles
  "Do Right By You Baby" Gardner Cole Triangles
  "Lies Are Contagious" Gardner Cole Triangles
  "All Is Well" Gardner Cole Triangles
  "Thought I Had Her" Gardner Cole Triangles
  "If You'd Be My Baby" Gardner Cole Triangles
  "Feeling Love" Gardner Cole Triangles
  "Got Me Curious" Gardner Cole Triangles
  "Maybe This Christmas" Gardner Cole Winter Warnerland
  "Oh Yeah" Gardner Cole Dying Young ( film)
  "Dancing By Myself" Gardner Cole Gremlins 2
  "Blue Screen" Gardner Cole The Fugitive
  "Only In America" Gardner Cole Grand Canyon (film)
  "101 Beats" Gardner Cole Grand Canyon (film)
  "Come On Everybody" Gardner Cole French Kiss (film)
  "Extraordinary Love" Gardner Cole Sabotage (film)
  "You Make Me Smile" Gardner Cole David Lynch Foundation